The Team



+10 years in education

Passionate about travel and language, at 8 years old, Khady wanted to start her round the world to meet and share people. Its starting point would have been Asia to learn the Indonesian Bahasa.
The young woman had to wait 15 years, to begin her discovery by a trip to the country of Teranga, to meet her Senegalese roots.

More than a revelation, it is for her the confirmation of a passion and the realization of a reality: to learn a language implies to impregnate its culture. Khady deepened his research, becoming a self-taught linguist and mastered more than 6 languages ​​including Mandarin, Swahili and Portuguese.
This quest for knowledge enabled him to share his expertise and challenges at the international conference at Stanford University.
Khady lives in Canada and continues  to travel the world where she gives lectures on the theme of African languages, education and digital literacy developing partnerships that enrich the educational platform.



Passionate about African history and cultures, Murielle joined the LaPolyglotte team in 2017. A native of Cameroon, “Africa in miniature” she retains a strong attachment to cultural diversity and the idea that language is a Powerful vector of wealth and sharing.
After growing up in France, it is now in Canada that it has established itself and takes part in taking a new look at a continent with cultural richness, still many to discover.



A native of La Téranga, a fine connaisseur of the Senegalese culture, Pape carries out a meticulous research and translation work in Wolof. From his studies of Letters he kept the rigor and an insatiable curiosity for the languages ​​that urged him to learn Spanish and Italian.
He travels around the country to discover the historical and cultural riches of Senegal by involving the young people of the community. Open to the world and constantly on the lookout for new innovations in interactive learning tools, Pape brings its expertise as a translator and participates in developing original content that promotes knowledge of African languages.