The Community

“I had a great experience with Khady. She was very friendly and flexible if it weren’t for her encouragement I would have given up on French. I struggled to pass my French course with her help I finish the class with a B. I also did wolof lessons with her before my trip to Senegal. Her lessons help me to communicate with the locals without burdening my family. Thanks Khady and I look forward to many more lessons!”

Andreia, Brazil
“She was one incredible teacher! I used to worked hard, and my times were crazy, so, I was sometimes busy and tired, she changed her schedule to match our times to help me. that means a lot for me! she was not just worried about the money, she was worried about me as a human being. she also was trying to know more about my language, Just to find out one easy way for me to understand and learn better! she cared about me, it’s easy to learn with somebody like her!She is amazing. I have no word to say “thank you”! I’m going to have a baby, I stopped for now, but when I have more time for sure I will choose Khady as my teacher again! Thank you Khady! ”

Yu, China
“Khady is a great instructor! When I had difficulties to pronounce some letters Khady quickly found equivalence to Chinese sounds. She also explain me cultures and customs of different countries in Africa. Khady is the go to person for any Chinese who want to know more about Africa ”