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Every year it’s the same ritual or promise:  making resolutions but few of us hold them – including me. This year I will not disclose my “goals,”  but I would preferably weekly talk about it here.
For those of you who want to get a new “language resolution” and want to learn an African language, Let’s start it 🙂

When you want to learn an “exotic”  language,  is a bit more challenging to find online resources. As for African languages, it is easy to find basic content for learning them such as Twi, Zulu, Lingala, Ewe, Igbo or Yoruba. For those that are less common, there are fewer resources. Check this section on the site for the list of African Languages that I have documented.

Two significant factors come into account when someone wants to learn a language: resources and motivation.



When bookstores offer resources, you have to have a little more ingenuity to find resources. During my conference in New York in 2015, I explained the importance of finding information on the internet. To help you more, I invite you to watch the video.


The motivation

This is crucial and determines the success of learning a new language. The process takes between 3 and 6 months for the most determined, but it also requires everyday work. When I learned Swahili for the first time I did apply the rule so, I quickly lose motivation!


How do you get it?

  1. Social networks:

At the beginning of learning my mother tongue, social networks have been my greatest ally.

  • Facebook Groups

I love facebook groups because that’s where you can have information that you will not necessarily find on the net. Facebook groups are similar to forum discussions.


  • Mobile applications
    More and more mobile applications are available on Android and Apple Store to learn languages. The world’s most extensive online learning apprenticeship Duolingo also offers Swahili on its site.

Genii games an African startup also proposes to learn Igbo and Yoruba

  • Meetup of languages
    The Meetup site is hosting workshops or meetings to learn and communicate in the desired language. If you don’t find the language that you are currently learning, my suggestion is to create your own!
  • Community Associations
    The best way to get in contact with native speakers is to participate in their activity by volunteering and being a part of their operations.


My method

I use two tools primarily to practice languages:

Tools where I’m able to record  an audio

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Whatapps
  • Duo
  • Wechat

Meetup groups

I use to attend a meetup in the past, but it’s not the case anymore!  🙁




Depending on individual goals, it is possible to learn a more exotic language even if the internet does not have all the resources required.

Let me know in the comment below what you do to learn an exotic language?

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