About LaPolyglotte

LaPolyglotte is an innovative and creative platform dedicated to learning African languages ​​of the four corners of the continent. Our commitment is to offer the diaspora, African youth and africanophiles, dynamic and creative tools to the discovery of the cultural riches of which the cradle of humanity abounds.
With more than 3000 languages ​​listed on the continent, as much diversity to discover, LaPolyglotte makes it possible to achieve an African linguistic immersion
Combining tradition and modernity.

LaPolyglotte also offers trainings and content to institutions and schools.



In 2015, Khady Ndoye created LaPolyglotte blog where she shared her experience and passion for African languages. Her initiative comes from her personal experience and from the many studies that enabled her to learn several African languages ​​including Wolof and Swahili. The blog brings a contemporary view on learning tools and emerges preconceived ideas that convert African languages ​​to an exclusively oral transmission.
From now on, the site is a benchmark in terms of offering content adapted to new technologies and a broad showcase of the African cultural diversity of today, between linking tradition and modernity.
LaPolyglotte through African languages, reveals History, the Cultures of the cradle of humanity.